CRS offer a bespoke White Label service allowing you to outsource the recovery of accounts from the day payment becomes overdue.

Used as a replacement or accompaniment to internal credit control teams, all communication and contact with customers will be conducted by CRS in your company name using your letterhead, logos and branding. Accounts can then flow seamlessly into our collections service if rehabilitation is unsuccessful.

Time Efficient

With a dedicated specialist customer – centric resource and overflow capabilities to handle these accounts at CRS, it leaves your Customer Service teams more time to service customer queries and reduce inbound call queue times.

CRS Branded also affords you the ability to immediately reduce overhead costs and ensure peak times are efficiently managed. You can also benefit from our multi-platform contact channels which can be skinned to include your brand assets.

Dedicated Phone Lines & Team

Dedicated phone lines are also provided for customer contact. Having a dedicated team to manage the training of staff and testing of systems, including integration with your own in house systems, we ensure that all processes are fully functioning.

Savings of £150,000

One of our clients has saved £150,000 of costs per month, experienced higher contact rates and an uplift in receivables by 20% since using CRS Branded, out performing their in-house teams.

With an end-to-end collections capability, CRS can also swiftly transfer accounts to CRS collections, should they require it.