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Here at CRS we pride ourselves on the resources and facilities we are able to provide our Clients to provide a successful service. One of our most impressive resources is our Customer Portal that enables customers to pay their debts, check outstanding balances and seek help and advice 24/7 online.

5 facts about our Customer Portal:

  1. Active users are up by 123% since the same time last year – demonstrating the growing usage of technology in our day to day lives for paying bills and making financial transactions.
  2. The site is most popular on a Monday Dinnertime – we also receive payments throughout the night. 22% of all traffic occurs when our offices are closed.
  3. 74% of users are on mobile device – People want to be able to pay their bills quickly and easily on the move therefore it’s becoming increasingly important that websites are accessible on mobile devices.
  4. 56% of sessions are direct from the SMS messages in our strategies – strong evidence that the thinking behind our procedures work, people want to pick up and deal with things in their own time.
  5. Webchat is an increasingly powerful communications tool – Feedback from Customers suggests that the ability to resolve queries without having to ‘speak to someone’ is a convenient way to resolve disputes.

Customers now expect to be able to manage their accounts online through their mobiles and at anytime they want. Do you have the tools in place to allow them to do that?

Get in touch today to see how we can help you recover your bad debts.

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