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CRS relaunch targeted field service – Connect testtest.

Following a successful trial with a number of existing clients CRS are relaunching our field service – CRS Connect – to the wider market.

Gone are the days of a blanket field approach where specialist agencies were used as a ‘tertiary’ or ‘secondary’ placement solution. The benefits now lie in targeted campaigns against appropriately defined debt profiles.
Arren Khan, Specialist Service Manager at CRS, comments “During the development of CRS Eagle (our legal service) we established that our profiling tool provided us with the ability to drive significant collection returns from targeted accounts.

Where a case is not suitable for legal action, or a client does not wish to pursue through the courts, CRS connect gives an alternative course of action.’

He continues ‘The team have developed a unique 45 day process inclusive of a number of targeted communications, and physical visits from an authorised field officer, in an attempt to rehabilitate accounts”

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