Dinosaur Dialler

Are diallers dead?

The simple answer to this is no; dialler systems are still useful in the collections industry. However in a more advanced technological world we find ourselves with more communication channels than ever before. Long gone are the days where letter and outbound diallers produce expected results.

Exploring new Communication Channels

Customers now expect 24/7 availability to manage their finances. Developing better collections strategies around the increasing usage of technology will make for more productive contact as well as an increase in expected results due to it being at a more convenient time for the customer.  This year alone at CRS we have seen a 123% increase of active users on our customer portal and a 273% increase in webchat sessions.

Inbound Contact

By encouraging inbound contact through multiple communication channels we have found that contact is more productive; this is because contact with the customer is at a time that is suitable for them. No matter what communication channel our customers choose; we are always ready to serve them.

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