The issue

Born out of a Client need for dealing with the ‘won’t pays’ through litigation we have developed a solution that delivers a positive net return to your business.

We’ve made this service a success for many of our clients who had been put off ‘going legal’ due to the perceived high costs.


Using our proprietary software, supplemented by Bureau data CRS is able to offer a highly targeted legal service. Using information captured in our contingency debt collection process we identify accounts that will give a high propensity to pay, ensuring only the accounts which meet our eligibility criteria are put through the process, and not litigation in bulk.

The customers we target with this service are those customers who choose not to pay.

Individually Profiled

Our bespoke processes mean that each account is individually profiled for their suitability for action at regular intervals throughout the process, whilst still attempting to engage with the customer and come to a solution that doesn’t require further action. The accounts are managed throughout the process by CRS and our partner firm of Solicitors; from pre-legal, through the County Court Claim process, through to enforcement where required.

Steps of Eagle:

  • Profiling – Individually Profile Accounts
  • Pre – Legal – Try find a solution that doesn’t require further action
  • Legal – County Court Claim Process
  • Enforcement – through a veriety of different methods.

All of this is carried out by CRS saving you time.